What Is The Aggship?
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What Is The Aggship?

Welcome to The Aggship, a credentialed outlet covering Utah State football and basketball. I'm Patrick Mayhorn.

You probably know from my coverage of Ohio State – or perhaps from my Group of Five newsletter, The Outside Zone (or, lord forbid, the Flipping The Field podcast). I covered Ohio State as a fully credentialed beat writer for Buckeye Sports Bulletin from August 2019 to May 2022 and have published three weekly dispatches at The Outside Zone since July 2020.

I'm no longer doing the former (the latter continues as normal). I moved out to Logan, Utah with my girlfriend in May, and with that move comes a new opportunity and a new beat.

That's where The Aggship comes in.

Utah State sports coverage is sparse. A lot of G5 coverage is. I've bumped into this plenty during my time producing The Outside Zone. It's a sad reality that comes with the decline of print.

I want to change that, at least for Aggies fans. The Aggship is an extensive, professionally produced Utah State football and basketball (men's and women's) outlet, complete with several premium dispatches each week (number will vary on how much is happening at Utah State in a given week) and a weekly (and bi-weekly during the football season) podcast.

Fans who want every last bit of content can subscribe at the "Flaggship" tier, which is $10 a month or $100 a year, and grants access to every post, a premium monthly Q&A podcast, and weekly in-season game film reviews and opponent film previews (along with plenty more scheme stuff). Down the road, as The Aggship grows, Flaggship subscribers will have the chance to join a discord exclusively for those who subscribe at the highest tier.

For those of you without interest in football/basketball schematics – or those who can't swing $10 a month for coverage – The Aggship also offers its standard premium subscription. That one is $6 a month or $60 a year and offers every benefit of the Flaggship save for those film studies and the exclusive podcast.

Regardless of tier, I know that subscribing to this sort of thing can be a little daunting. Maybe you want to see what this all looks like before committing to it financially. Maybe you're a burgeoning Utah State fan or an outside observer with an interest in learning more, but you want to try out a free trial and learn a little more about the team before putting down cash for a Utah State outlet.

For you, I have great news. If you click the button below, you can subscribe to The Aggship at its highest tier – The Flaggship – without paying a cent for the first month.

It's one month of full access, completely free. If you love what you see, that subscription converts into a standard Flaggship membership. If you like it, but don't want to subscribe at the highest tier, you can switch to The Aggship tier with just a few clicks. If you decide that you want just one free weekly post and the podcast, you can convert to a free membership. And if this just isn't for you, you can end your subscription without paying a dime. It's no problem.

Okay, enough of the hard sell. Let me tell you a little bit about what The Aggship actually is.

The idea here is simple. I want to bring high-quality, feature-length coverage to Utah State. This is not a place for breaking news, clickbait, AP recaps, or lazy stories. Utah State fans deserve insightful, extensive analysis and coverage of their teams.

I want to work this beat just as hard as any full-time reporter would – just without the strings attached. No pop-up ads, no Gannett or Tribune, or anything else. No paying for anything you don't want. The Aggship is about providing the coverage that Utah State fans won't find elsewhere, without any hassle.

But to do that, I need your help. The Aggship is completely and proudly independent. It will always be completely and proudly independent. I'm the sole proprietor. Your subscription is exclusively used to fund high-quality, original writing and podcasting (and will allow me to buy the expensive "sensitive tummy" food that my cat craves). The Aggship cannot exist without your support. In an ideal world, down the road, I'll be able to add more staff writers to provide even more coverage – and not just of football and basketball.

If you're a fan of the Aggies, Aggie-curious, or if you just like my writing, I would greatly appreciate it if you joined this community and supported independent, strong journalism. Let's talk ball.